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belly dancing classes in yeovil

Shake Your Stuff With Bellydance!

Bellydancing Classes in Yeovil

Do you fancy learning a dance that is fun, sensual, and toning?

A dance that doesn't need a high level of fitness or flexibility to do, but that will increase both?

A dance that includes slow stretchy movements as well as fast aerobic ones?

counselling in yeovil

How Counselling Can Help...

Counselling is one of the most established talking therapies, used to help treat depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Because there are different approaches to counselling, it can be quite confusing to know who to go to. My own approach is mainly person-centred, which means that rather than guiding the client I prefer to use listening and open questions to help the client to find their own solutions. However, I am also integrative, which means that if there is something relevant and useful from another counselling approach, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, then I will use it. The type of person you are and how deep-set the reason for seeing a counsellor is determines the best approach to use.

Therapeutic Counselling in Yeovil

Counselling can help not only because being listened to and understood by someone outside your family and friends is therapeutic in itself, but also because through talking and being heard without judgement, but not without challenging any discrepancies, you will develop a greater understanding of yourself and through that feel able to break any negative patterns in your life. Adding tools and interventions from other approaches can give even more insight not only into who you are but also into how to reach your potential.

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What Is Reiki Healing?

Reiki Treatments in Yeovil

Reiki, or universal life energy, originated in Tibet and was re-vitalised by the Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui. Reiki is just another name really for directing the life energy or Ki which is all around us and within us, and which all healers tune into. There are a series of positions where the hands are laid on the client's body, from head to feet and the client remains fully clothed.

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