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Top Tip 4 - Make yourself a checklist...

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We are all busy people. Interruptions are frequent when you are the only person in the office to answer the phone, make the tea, check Facebook or even do some work………sorry where was I? My previous tips have covered the need to have a system & be consistent in your approach to doing your books. So how's best to do this?

Like many people I like lists (providing they are live and user-friendly). In terms of bookkeeping, make a list of the key tasks that you do on a monthly or weekly basis and tick them off as you do them. Make this into a template that you can follow over and over again. Perhaps consider what you would like some else to do if you were to delegate the task. If someone else can follow your idiots guide tick list then you can be that much of an idiot!

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Top Tip 3 Be Consistent

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In this the third of my bookkeeping top tips we explore consistency. The more you do the same thing over and over again in the same way the sooner it becomes a habit. I have read that you need to do something 21 times to become a habit so why not start now. Not all habits are bad and certainly doing your books as a habit is (in my world) a good thing.

So you have your system and you are starting to input. At this stage don’t be over worried into which category you have placed an expense or income however I do insists that you place all similar items to the same place. Don’t start recording your paperclip purchases in Office Expenses then later enter them in miscellaneous. Whatever you have decided to do, continue to do it. That way whatever information you get out at the other end of the process will remain consistent. If you have miss-posted an item type consistently it is a simple matter to reposition it within the final scheme of things as opposed to trawling back through the input to see what went where.

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Bookkeeping Essential Tips - Top Tip 2

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You've Got To Have A System

When you start your business and take on doing your books whatever system you choose (paper or electronic) you will start by recording your expenses or income into categories of similar type. If you have one product or service to sell you only need one income account for example for my business I could record everything under bookkeeping. If you have a few different types of income you may wish to break them down into separate categories so that you can monitor sales i.e. I could do bookkeeping, payroll, vat returns, year ends. If you have lots of different product lines you could separate them further however I would refer you to my previous top tip Number 1 – don’t over complicate – and question in these early stages the benefit. Does it help my business grow knowing the exact number of invoices input or journal entries processed when bookkeeping income will suffice.

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Bookkeeping Essential Tips

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I am a bookkeeper and I provide bookkeeping to those who have neither the skill, will nor time to do their own books.

As start-ups most businesses have at least the time and the will even if the skill is lacking and therefore quite rightly choose to initially to do their own books. Over the next few months I aim to give some pointers and essential tips so that until such time as the will or skill or time disappear due to growth, the books that are being kept are at least of use in the interim.

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