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John Hall Financial Services April Poem

Local Financial Services Firm in Yeovil, Somerset

John Hall Financial Services April Poem

Sung to the tune of Barry Manilow’s Copacabana

So Mr Putin,

Has put the boot in,

Reckons he is not to blame,

For invading the Ukraine,

But he’s not fooling us

For making all this fuss

All over the Crimea,

Now the world’s in fear

Who does he think he is

We’re all now in a tizz! His hair’s a mess

financial advisor in Yeovil

John Hall Financial Services March Poem

Financial Services in Yeovil

March Poem


I have a few pet hates that I would like to share,

One of these I loathe the most is men with facial hair,

Why do they think they look attractive with this added fluff,

Can’t tell you how much I detest the look of this flipping stuff.

Spending hours in the bathroom with their razors in their hand,

Trimming here and trimming there I just don’t understand,

What is this phenomenon; just what is it achieving,

That it makes them look more macho, or so they are believing.

financial advisor in Yeovil

John Hall Financial Services January Poem

John Hall Financial Services in Yeovil

January Poem


Seems I've got the January blues,

Feels like I've got holes in my shoes,

The rain comes down stair type rods,

What have I done to upset the Gods?


Spent my last pennies on Christmas gifts,

My Bank accounts dizzy with all the shifts,

My Bank can't work out what it's all about,

With money going in and money going out,


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