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Practice Makes Perfect

I’ve had a few jobs recently where I got thinking if I hadn’t taken on more than I can handle.

Sometimes this feeling can come from simply putting up some blinds for a customer, or laying a whole new floor in engineered oak.

In the situation with the blinds, I knew that it was an easy job. Once I’d figured out what I was fixing to, which can be tricky with modern buildings, then the rest would be easy. The problem I thought I had, and I need to say that I thought I had this problem, was that the initial figuring out part of the job, seemed to be taking ages. Well it was taking ages.


Do You Really “NEED” it Before Christmas?

It’s coming up to “That Time of Year”

People’s minds turn to stocking up the freezer, getting the present list sorted out, and planning how to spend the holiday period.

There is also another thing that happens in the lead up to Christmas, and that is the sudden urgency to get the household repairs done in time for the big day. It’s a phenomenon that takes hold every year when things that didn’t really matter before...suddenly matter a lot.

I first experienced this, when I was fitting double glazing and conservatories 20 years ago, and it was one of the reasons why I gave up the industry for 10 years. Just as I was thinking of the present list, and spending some time cruising the high street to find the ideal gift for my family and friends, I was suddenly under pressure to work every weekend to get everyone’s conservatories fitted in time for the big day.

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It’s always done for a reason

Professional Home Improvements in Yeovil

Yesterday, I was called to a job where a tenant had decided to unscrew a window that had been screwed shut, by the previous owners of the house. She was a sensible intelligent young lady, who only wanted to get some fresh air into the room.

In the past, I have seen some situations where I’ve looked at a piece of work, and wondered to myself, “Why did they do that?”

The missing fixings that were obviously needed to keep the kitchen units on the wall.

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Confessions of an Apprentice

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Back in 1982, I was in the second year of my apprenticeship. This was with a big company at the time, and I was put to work on a contract they had at the Alms Houses in Sherborne. If you don’t know this particular building, it’s in front of the Abbey, and has a very nice courtyard out the front with pillars and archways etc. In brief, a very historic and fine looking building.

My confession concerns one of the last jobs I was given in the chapel. This is a small room with some very high windows that needed some curtain tracks put up. A simple case of screwing some 2” x 1” on the walls, followed by the curtain track, ready for the curtain man to follow on behind me.

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Don’t Assume Anything

Experienced Handyman in Yeovil

I got a call a week or so ago, that went something like this. The customer’s name has been changed to protect the innocent.

“Hi Mike, can you come and sort out my sink. It’s beginning to smell a bit”

“No problem John, that shouldn’t be a problem”

“How much will that be to do that?”

“As I’m coming to see you soon re that other job we talked about, just give me a tenner, as it will only take a half hour or so”

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Ask The Novice

Experienced Handyman Yeovil

I’ve been in this game for a long time, and in that time I’ve learned a lot trade secrets, top tips, and methods of taking on a multitude of jobs.

Some might call me an “Expert”, but like most so called experts, I see myself more as an ageing apprentice. I rarely go through a week without learning something new, or remembering something I’d forgotten. This is not a problem though, In fact, that’s one of the things I love about the work I do.

Where I can get frustrated, is when I’m faced with a seemingly difficult, awkward, or impossible task, and I can’t seem to find a solution. I’m an upbeat bloke, so I know there must be an answer, but it eludes me.


Because the Handyman can...

Hi everyone,

This is my first “Ask The Expert” article, and my first piece of advice involves water, as there’s been a lot of it about recently. Water can cause all sorts of problems, and it’s not all always possible to get a quick fix. The people on the levels know this all too well and in writing this article, I’m very conscious of the very real issues they are having right now. So, Here are 2 very minor jobs I’ve had to deal with over the last few weeks.


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