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Smoking, and Stopping for October, or any other time

Hypnotherapy for smoking, Yeovil

There are so many different views on smoking. I see smokers, ex-smokers, and doctors.

Some tell me it is an addiction. Even some doctors say it is more addictive than heroin. This is not helpful when you are wanting to change a habit, and you are told it is out of your control, like drug addiction or alcoholism. Of course, these things too can be cured, but not without a huge effort.

I disagree with this attitude, because I work with the mind, and I believe, and have proof that what you believe, is what you experience.

What you experience is down to what you believe, and therefore what you will achieve. If you believe that you are an addict, you will take on the characteristics associated with being an addict. We have all seen the consequences of alcoholics, gamblers and drug addicts. They have no control over their actions, being gripped by a disease that takes over their lives.

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Sexual Dysfunction

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A normal sex life is one of the things that most of us would consider to be part of a happy relationship. Some people however, even quite mature adults, have never been able to have what would be considered a normal sex life.

They may be married, or even have children, but might not be able to achieve penetration, or climax.

Sometimes this is due to a physical problem, and they must of course seek the advice of their GP. Often the cause is psychological, which is where my field of expertise can be of help.

When I get asked to assist with these types of problems, I start to search for the cause of the dysfunction. I first assess if the person is suffering from excessive nervousness or anxiety, and whether they have any confidence issues.

OCD and hypnosis

Hypnotherapy to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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This is one of the trickier things to treat. Most of us have ‘a little OCD’; the way we brush our teeth, or lock up the house before leaving or going to bed, or it can even be the way we make a cup of tea. In the majority of cases, it doesn’t cause us a problem, and can even be of benefit, having a particular routine so everything gets done. Our little quirks and habits may be seen as a quaint foible, or a minor inconvenience.

When compared with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, that dominates daily activity, these little quirks are insignificant.

The OCD that requires treatment can result in life-limiting behaviours, and even physical harm. To have to wash so frequently that skin peels off, or to have to re-check, lock, or switch things off before leaving the house so persistently can lead to normal life being suspended.

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Phobias and Anxiety

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Now the winter is behind us, (and I hope I am not speaking too soon), for those lucky enough to be able to do so, it is time to start thinking about taking a Summer holiday.

But, what if the thought of stepping onto a plane, or taking a trip on a boat, or even just leaving the safety of your own home fills you with dread?

It is a sad fact that many people suffer with phobias, which can result in anxiety and panic attacks, thus spoiling what for most of us would be a happy, exciting or relaxing well -deserved break.

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Bereavement and Grief

Approaching Mother’s day can be a difficult time if one’s mother is no longer around.

It is a reminder of what has been lost, and can trigger those sad emotions. Sadness, and missing the presence of someone close is completely natural. What is also completely natural, is losing a parent. It is the way it is meant to be. The older generation pass away before the younger generation.

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It’s all in the mind

Hypnotherapy in Yeovil

Of course it is. The mind, which lives in the brain, is the control centre of the entire body. Thoughts and feelings, from external sources or otherwise, are a complex set of chemical and electrical signals which respond to stimuli from nerves, muscles, toxins, sight, sound and smell.

Very often, the response we produce is based on a pattern that has been learned, either from childhood, or more recent events. This response could be based upon a fear of spiders, for example, where one has been frightened by a spider, and unconsciously, fear becomes the ‘go to’ response in similar situations. Most Fears and Phobias are learned behaviours.

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Happy New Year

January is traditionally the time of year when New Year’s Resolutions are made, often to lose weight, stop smoking, or be rid of some other unwanted habit. This of course is a good thing and I regularly get asked to assist with these goals.

What is far less common is to resolve to look after one’s emotional well being.

Christmas is a time for most, for celebration; of partying; visiting family and friends or even making new friends.

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Hypnotherapy: The last resort?

Some of my clients have tried every other therapy available before coming to me. Hypnotherapy is seen as something to try when there is nothing left to lose.

They usually go away wishing they had tried it first and avoided years of struggling.

Other therapies and treatments can certainly be of benefit, and I would never suggest anyone avoid their GP. Hypnotherapy can be defined as a complimentary therapy, or as an alternative therapy.

With Hypnotherapy, results are usually seen quickly and profoundly.


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