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I have recently remarried. How do I ensure my daughter from my previous marriage, inherits my half share of the property which I own jointly with my new husband?


HG Walker - Law Spot Top 10 Tips for First Time Buyers

Top 10 Tips for First Time Buyers

Buying your first property can be daunting, so Jane Colver, Harold G Walker’s Conveyancing specialist has put together some top tips to guide you through the process of buying your first home.


Deed of Variation

My father has excluded my brother from his will leaving everything to me – I don’t think it’s fair – is there anything I can do about this and if so, are there any inheritance tax consequences for me?


Toni Oxborough's Top Tips for Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Top Tips for setting up a Pre-Nuptial agreement

People who marry do not expect to divorce. However it is not uncommon for people to look for ways to protect their assets before saying “I do”. Here are our top tips for getting the right Pre-Nuptial arrangement in place:


Family Dispute Resolution Week 2014

From 24-28 November, family lawyers aim to promote and bring awareness to more constructive alternatives to Court for separating couples and their families.

We can perhaps blame Hollywood for the way that many people perceive family separation. Rather than Rottweiler lawyers fighting it out in the Court room until the bitter end, Resolution family lawyers agree to follow a Code of Practice which promotes a non-confrontational approach.

There are many ways which family issues can be solved without attending Court. One such method is meditation. This process involves a neutral mediator guiding parties through the issues, such as finances and plans for the children, which arise out of a separation. Alongside this process, many people choose to have a family solicitor who can ensure that the agreement reached is fair and at the end of the process, will be able to draw up a binding agreement.

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Family Law Services, Wells

Whether it is never getting to speak to the right person, being placed on hold or simply a “computer says no” culture- we have all experienced bad customer service.

What can be more frustrating, is having to send chaser emails, write letters or make phone calls which are never returned. This can leave you feeling in the dark about your situation and this can be especially difficult for family law clients.

For many of us, our families are the most important aspect of our lives and when things go wrong, this can be a very emotional time. So when it comes to the family home, finances and children we endeavour to rival the service which other solicitors can offer.

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What will your legacy be? And why it matters now

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The Inheritance and Trustees' Powers Act 2014 comes into force on 1 October 2014 and makes significant changes to the law relating to intestacy (dying without having made a Will), claims against a Deceased's estate where certain family members or dependents have not been adequately provided for, and Trustee's powers. It also updates the legal definition of personal possessions, which will no longer specifically refer to horses and carriages, as it has done since 1925!

Looking, first, at intestacy, under the new law, when the first of a married couple/civil partnership who has not had children dies without leaving a Will, the surviving spouse/civil partner will now inherit the whole of the Deceased's Estate. Under current legislation, the surviving spouse/civil partner would only inherit a statutory legacy of £450,000 and share the balance with the Deceased's surviving family.



Apple and Moses Martin (children of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin) are just two of many children winding down for the summer and thinking about starting school next month. What is different is that their parents have recently separated and as a result changes may have been made to their schooling as part of the separation.

It is not unusual following a divorce or separation for parents to disagree on how their child should be brought up. These problems can be greater where, as for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes when they separated, the parents cultural or religious backgrounds are different.

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We’re all going on a Summer holiday …

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The school holidays are fast approaching. It's one of the best times of the year for children. At the same time, it is one of the most challenging for parents. This is especially the case for families going through a separation. One of the major challenges for separated parents can be agreeing the arrangements for the children during the holidays. This is a common area for conflict.

Summer holidays and other important dates in the year (including Christmas, Easter and birthdays) can be a difficult time for children dividing their life between two homes. Many families have established arrangements which work very well, but for the newly separated this is uncharted water. If parents are unable to agree arrangements, it can result in tense and emotional discussions, sometimes in front of the children, following which one parent is inevitably disappointed. It is difficult advice to give that, generally, the holidays are there to benefit the children, rather than the parents. Unfortunately, often one or both parents lose focus and turn discussions into a purely mathematical exercise during which they try to ensure they take exactly their 50% entitlement for each of the holidays. This might not work on a practical level as it can involve the children toing and froing or missing out on specific events which they looked forward to.

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