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It is generally thought that only about 30% of the adult population in this country have an up to date Will. It always surprises me that many people will quite correctly take out term insurance to protect their family should they unexpectedly die before they reach the age of retirement. Often these very same people will not have written a Will, in other words they are insuring against an uncertainty while ignoring an inevitability.

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Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare

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In an earlier article I explained the importance of setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney for Property and Affairs and Health and Welfare while you still have mental capacity. If they have to be done when somebody has lost the ability to make rational decisions it is both time consuming and expensive particularly as there may be an annual administrative fee. Sometimes people doubt the necessity of an LPA for Health and Welfare but the other day I came across an example of their importance.


Funeral Plans

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Funeral plans are becoming increasingly popular, it is a somewhat depressing thought but setting up a funeral plan is probably one of the best investments you will ever make although it will not be you that are reaping the rewards.

A funeral plan enables you to buy your funeral at today’s prices. Not only do you avoid inflation but a funeral plan cost is often less than the funeral at today’s prices. The reason for this is that funeral directors are keen to get their business in advance and are therefore prepared to offer it at a premium. The other advantages of a funeral plan are:

Over the years the cost of a funeral has easily outpaced inflation therefore as an investment it makes sound sense even if the actual investor never reaps the reward.

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Dying without a Will...

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Apart from the immortal (and they are a dying breed) everyone at some stage is going to need a Will. To die without one is bad manners as it can cause huge administrative problems to those left behind. Wills are especially important for those who are separated, but not divorced and those living with a partner, but not married, as the law does not recognise these relationships. To illustrate these points I will just mention two cautionary tales.

A recent article in the Times told the story of a man who had been separated from his wife for many years and had set up a loving relationship with someone else. While he was married he wrote a Will leaving everything to his wife, unfortunately this was never changed. On separation he should of immediately made a new Will excluding his wife. The tragic consequence of this neglect was when he died his estate passed to his separated wife and his partner of many years was left with nothing. On divorce the wife would automatically been disinherited but as separation is not a formal relationship the wife remains in the Will until it is altered.

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Protect your children in your will

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On the birth of a child parents will make serious consideration of who they are going to appoint as godparents, what many people do not realise is that the role of godparent is not the same as that of a legal guardian.

If you fail to appoint guardians in your Will and your children are orphaned before they reach 18 the courts will appoint guardians instead but they won’t necessarily choose the people that you would have preferred to take care of your children.

If when you pass away the other parent of your children survives, the surviving parent will normally continue to have full responsibility for the children. However, if neither parent survives (as in some accidents) then the guardians you have appointed will take on the responsibility for your children.

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Advance Decision (Living Will)

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Recently there has been a lot of discussion about assisted suicide and euthanasia and there is a strong body of opinion that people should be allowed to make their own decisions to terminate their life when the burden of living becomes intolerable. In this country there has always been a document called an Advance Decision or Living Will, although it cannot override the Hippocratic oath it is a clear statement of how someone would like medical treatment to be administered if they can no longer make that decision themselves.

Creating an Advance Decision can bring reassurance to a person worried about their future healthcare.

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Are You Guilty of Intestacy?

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Every day 2,000 people die in this country and most of them leave their families with all the problems of Intestacy—this means dying without having a legally valid Will.

Most people assume that all their possessions will automatically pass on to their husband or wife or other members of the family.

Unfortunately, many families often face immediate financial hardship and sometimes they even have to sell the family home —simply because no Will had been written.

The Rules of Intestacy means that the State writes a Will for you and your possessions are distributed according to these rules. How many people would want their estate to be divided in a way that gave them no choice in the matter?

“Do It Yourself Wills”

“Do It Yourself Wills”

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I am sometimes asked why there is a need for a professional to draw up a Will when “Do It Yourself Wills” are available off the shelf in shops such as WH Smith. Surely people say this is a cheaper and simpler way of going about it. There are of course many things in life that come under the “Do It Yourself” category and many plumbers and builders earn a good living rectifying the mistakes of the DIY enthusiast. The problem with a Will is often the mistakes are only discovered when it is too late to redraft the Will as the donor has passed away.


Will Writing

Protect those you love with professional Will Writing Services for Yeovil, Sherborne and the surrounding areas.

Steele Rose is a national law firm with a strong local presence in Yeovil. John Rawlins is your local consultant. He offers a personal will writing service and aims to keep things simple and ‘unstuffy’.

Writing a will is one of those things most of us intend to do at some point but never seem to get round to. With the help of Steele Rose you can complete this important task with minimum fuss.

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What would happen if you couldn't make decisions?

Have you considered what would happen if you became incapable of making decisions for yourself?

No one likes to think about losing the ability to manage their own affairs including handling a bank account, claiming benefits, looking after their tax affairs or transacting a house sale.

In the present economic climate and for peace of mind it is more important than ever that you make Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) to nominate someone you trust now to make important decisions on your behalf in the future. LPAs are often left too late and you cannot make an LPA if you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself.

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Power of Attorney

It was back in 1817 that Benjamin Franklin coined the well known phrase that the only certain things in life were death and taxes, which is the reason why one day we are all going to need a Will. It is less certain, but nonetheless probable, that before we need a Will we may need someone to manage our property and affairs and our health and welfare. Although modern medicine is extending our lives it does not always increase the quality or our mental ability to make rational decisions.

No one likes to think about losing the ability to manage their own affairs but approximately 800,000 people in this country have dementia and many others suffer from strokes, other brain injuries or have mental health problems that may occur even in the prime of life. It is important that you nominate someone you trust now to make important decisions on your behalf in the future. This means appointing an Attorney to act for you. This must be done while you are still able to make decisions for yourself.

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General Power of Attorney

In last months “Ask the Expert” I explained the importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney for both Health and Welfare and Property and Affairs both of which have to be registered before they can be used. There is however a lesser known document called a General Power of Attorney which does not have to be registered and can only be used if the Donor has full mental capacity.

A General Power of Attorney (GPA) is a straightforward authorisation for wide-ranging use when the Donor is not available or is physically unable to administer his own affairs. It can only be used to manage or deal with financial affairs jointly or jointly and severally by the nominated Attorney(s).


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