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Arthritis – Should I learn to live with it?

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Arthritis is another of those words that mean different things to different people. To most, it means your joints have got a bit of wear and tear in them; to a specialist such as a rheumatologist or chiropractor, arthritis refers to a very specific group of much rarer inflammatory diseases of which rheumatoid arthritis and anklylosing spondylitis are probably the best known. Wear and tear – often referred to as ‘osteoarthritis’ – is a completely different disease process, which is why specialists prefer the term ‘degenerative joint disease’, or DJD for short.

So do you have DJD? If you’re over 50, then the answer is almost certainly “yes” – most commonly, it affects the joints that we use the most (thumbs, toes, backs and necks) or the ones that bear the most weight (hips and knees), particularly if you’re carrying extra poundage! So if you’ve got some swelling or stiffness in those joints, can you do anything about it?

Migraine treatments

Mythbusters: I’ve been told I’ve got … Migraines.

When is a migraine not a migraine?

The diagnosis and classification of headaches can be useful for the medical profession for sifting through dozens of possible causes ranging from the rare and terminally sinister to the common and completely benign; however, for the individual reaching for the paracetamol what precisely is in a name?

Part of the confusion over migraine headaches is that they have developed a lay meaning, which is distinct from the medical one. “I’ve got a migraine”, has become a synonym for “I’ve got a really bad headache”. Medically, the severity of pain has got nothing to do with the diagnosis of ‘migraine’, the first and most important criterion is that the headache is one-sided; indeed, that’s how it got its name, from the Greek hemikrania meaning ‘half a skull’. So, if your headache affects both sides, that’s good news as it most probably arises from the joints, muscles and ligaments of the spine, skull and jaw and usually responds well to the treatments offered by Yeovil’s two Chiropractic Clinics: mobilisation, manipulation, acupuncture, exercise and postural work.

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Mythbusters: I’ve been told I’ve got … Sciatica

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Sciatic pain is one of the most common presentations to any chiropractic clinic and the commonest complications of low back pain … but, for every ten patients who think they have sciatica, probably only two or three actually do.

Part of the problem is that sciatica is used in everyday terms to describe pretty much any pain that runs from the back or buttock down the leg; however, to a specialist such as a chiropractor, it refers specifically to pain that arises from the sciatic nerve or its contributing nerve roots and it has a very specific pattern of distribution: down the buttock and back of the thigh, often into the back of the calf and the sole of the foot. If it’s down the side or the front of your leg, then it’s not sciatica!

Even if it is sciatica, this is only a symptom – it is important to work out which of the dozens of possible causes is responsible for the pressure on the sciatic nerve, from benign causes such as tightness in surrounding muscles; through bulging or ‘slipped’ discs; to more sinister, less common causes, which require urgent investigation.

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New Research Highlights Teenage ‘Epidemic’

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This month sees ‘Chiropractic Awareness Week’ (14th – 18th April), in which the British Chiropractic Association focuses attention on one particular aspect of musculoskeletal health … and this year, it’s asking the question, “Are teenagers at risk of developing spinal conditions”?

New research, commissioned by the British Chiropractic Association, shows that back and neck pain is no longer uncommon in younger people: One in six people in the South West first started experiencing pain in these areas before they were twenty years old.

In the UK as a whole, 40% of eleven to sixteen-year-olds have already suffered and, worryingly, more than one in six parents said their son’s or daughter’s back or neck pain was a result of using a laptop, tablet or computer.

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Make your life healthier...

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The trouble with New Year’s resolutions, is that they're usually too ambitious – old habits can die hard, particularly if they’re enjoyable habits – and too often they're unsustainable. So, instead of abstinence and misery, how about taking up the challenge of making just a few, small, sustainable POSITIVE steps to make your lifestyle healthier, happier and wealthier – that’s what I’ll be offered YourSomersetTown readers over the next six months.

Poor health doesn't usually start suddenly: be it diabetes, heart disease, cancer or simple low back pain, the damage creeps up over months and years – those little bad habits chipping away at your body’s resilience … until one day, the tipping point is reached and suddenly it's too late. So instead of quitting, stopping or giving up, I’m going to be inviting you to affirm, adopt and add to your life.

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