Placement into Care or Care at Home?

In essence, if you are self funding and can afford to pay for your care, you should be able to chose where you end up. If the Local Authority are funding, they often tell you where you should be.

Social Services are often involved when a vulnerable older person needs care be that at home or in a specialist home be it a Residential Home or Nursing Home.

However, issues arise when Social Services, the NHS and the family all conflict about what is in the person’s best interests. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 which governs this area of law has an underlying message, that all decisions taken by another must be in the “Person’s Best Interests”.


The Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

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The enactment of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 which came into effect in October 2007 brought about significant changes to how someone is able to manage another’s person’s affairs if needed.

In short, we went from a rather simple system of implementing Enduring Powers of Attorney to a rather complex system of Lasting Powers of Attorney.

The fundamental difference between the old style and the new style is that registration at the Office of the Public Guardian is required before an LPA can be used regardless of mental capacity.

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Elderly Care Reforms

From April this year, major changes to how clients pay for long-term care will be phased in, but with rising fees the reforms are unlikely to bridge the gap between State provision and the actual cost.

The government would have us believe that the reforms will bring real benefit to clients who have worked all their lives, saved hard, paid a mortgage and wish to leave something to their children, but the reality is likely to be very different as the cost cap only takes into account charges for the support a local authority decides an individual needs and not the total an individual actually pays.

What this means in practice is that the accommodation costs for room and board are outside of the cap and will be limited to £12,000 a year, which means that only those with assets worth £118,000 or less will get any financial assistance from the local authority. Compare that with the UK average annual cost of care which is £38,064 per person per year and you’ll see that the cap is pretty meaningless.



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Using Social Media for your Business

Using Social Media for your Business

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