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Yeovil and Sherborne Residents Get an Unpleasant Visit

For most in the UK, spiders are often likened to phobia-material. Docile and eerily quiet, these wall-climbers are seldom threatening and are quickly put outdoors.

For people living in Yeovil and Sherborne however, it is a very different story.

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Tesco Ushers Away from Sherborne

Plans to build a supermarket in the sleepy town of Sherborne are to no longer be put to use as business giant Tesco turns its gaze elsewhere; it denies however, that it is irrelevant to local protests.

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Celebrating Nature: Sherborne Hosts Competition

As summer turns its heated gaze away from impending September, August oversaw a celebration of a floral nature as conservationists, gardeners, botanists and enthusiasts flooded the regal reaches of Castle Gardens, Sherborne.

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Children Grow Their Own Food at Chilton Trinity

At Chilton Trinity school, children have been given the opportunity to ease their parents’ nightmares of grocery shopping – by growing the food themselves!

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